我们的客户包括处于不同发展阶段的公司,在药品包装服务方面有广泛的需求, so you can feel confident that we can support you, at any size or stage, with a range of primary and secondary packaging solutions. We package tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, 软膏和凝胶,并提供儿科应用的专门包装. Whether you need non-sterile or sterile doses, in customer-ready or custom forms, we can help you meet your packaging challenges.

从吸塑包装和防儿童封闭到吸塑医院单位剂量和医生样本, 我们与您合作,以满足您独特的药品包装需求. Take a deeper dive below:

Packaging Capabilities

我们在封闭的房间内进行初级包装,通过空气压差与二级包装操作隔离. Units of sale are serialized per current regulations.

  • Bottles with regular and child-resistant closures
  • Tamper-evident seals
  • Plastic and glass bottles
  • Slat and dual-head counters on solid dosage form lines
  • 吸塑包装与PVC, PVDC, Aclar和其他柔性材料
  • Aluminum and child-resistant blister liddings
  • Hospital unit dose and physician samples
  • Aluminum, PVC and laminated tubes

Packaging Equipment

我们的包装设备包括最先进的系统,使我们能够适应几乎任何包装需要, 从开放标签临床用品到商业批量.

  • King Slat Fillers
  • Filamatic VX300 XP Liquid Filler
  • Omega Bottle Unscramblers
  • Omega Desiccant Feeders
  • Enercon Induction Sealers
  • Lakso Cottoners
  • NJM Labelers
  • Resina Cappers
  • MGS Topserters
  • Omega Bundlers
  • Markem Printers
  • Optel and Systech Vision Systems
  • Data Logic Bar Code Scanners
  • Videojet Coder
  • Cremer Bottle Filler
  • Retorquer
  • Optel
  • In-line Weight Checker

Blister Packaging/Stick Filling Capabilities

吸塑包装和棒状包装为消费者提供了更高的安全性和便利性, making them popular packaging choices. 网赌最正规的平台在这些包装解决方案方面拥有丰富的经验.

  • Klockner CP3 Thermoformer
  • IWKA CPR Horizontal Cartoner
  • CAM Vertical Cartoner
  • Merz Stick Filler


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